Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Are you able to take advantage of the £16 return train fare to London

Can you take advantage of the £16 
offer for a day return to London?

South West Trains are running a £16 return ticket to London offer until September. A great opportunity for a trip to London.

But it's a bit daunting when you get there with all the hustle and bustle. Everyone knows where they are going and they all seem super confident, except you.

It's quite easy these days to prepare in advance to travel in busy cities, even abroad where there are language problems.

In London for example Transport for London (TFL) provide lots of information on their web page goo.gl/JwnzYU.

If you have a journey coming up and you're not sure how to use the internet to plan travel in advance call Sedcat and we'll fix a time to show you.


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