Monday, 11 April 2016

What is the hospital transport provision in Dorset like

Getting to and from hospital in Dorset.

Patients are expected to make their own way to and from hospital. Hospital transport might be through family members, friends or community transport schemes if available.

NHS patient transport in Dorset is provided for medical reasons only
  • Registered Blind or have serious visual impairment
  •  Not independently mobile
  • Need special patient transport facilities
  • Need specialist skills from ambulance staff

All requests will be assessed on needs and eligibility

Patients on low income might be able to get help from the HTCS scheme

If you are a patient and think you qualify for patient transport call the Dorset Patient Transport Bureau on 0300 777 5555 or visit

This information is taken from the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group advice to patients.

Can Sedcat provide hospital transport?

Sedcat isn't able to provide hospital patient transport at the moment. There is a demand in this area and Sedcat are aware of the difficulty people are experiencing.             01202 598295

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