Monday, 11 April 2016

What is section 19 and section 22 not for profit transport?

Notes are taken from the DVSA and Traffic Commissioners guidelines and do not form legal advice.

Permits issued under Section 19 and 22 of the Road Traffic Act 1985 allows a ‘not for profit’ organisation to operate a bus service with the need for a full PSV operator’s licence.

Sedcat operates under these regulations.

·         Strict rules apply to the safety of vehicles and drivers
·         Drivers, including volunteer drivers must receive training
·         Vehicles must be fully insured
·         Must operate within the permit and be ‘not for profit’.
A separate permit is granted for each vehicle and it must be displayed.

Community bus permits
These can be used to provide transport to ‘isolated areas’ that are not served by other transport providers. Must be not for profit and provide social or welfare benefits to one or more communities and must fit with the Charity’s aims and objectives.
The buses must carry nine or more passengers.

The Traffic Commissioners must be satisfies that the operating organisation has facilities for maintenance of the vehicles and can comply with the regulations.

Driver’s must have category D1 on their licence obtained prior to 1997 to drive a community bus

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